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Community Spotlight: Peter Williamson

Mr. Peter Williamson is a volunteer for San Diego Youth Services, and we are honored that he is sharing his story and experience for our Community Spotlight feature.

After Pete retired, he was looking for something meaningful to do with his spare time and was particularly interested in mentoring and tutoring at risk youth especially ones that had the capability to do well in school, but not the support to do so.  After searching for a local organization that was active in this field, he joined San Diego Youth Services as a volunteer.

In 2008, Pete was introduced to twin boys, Aaron and Noah, who were 12 years old at the time.  The three of them immediately hit it off.   Pete picked them up at school twice a week.  They would stop to get a snack before starting the tutoring sessions.  After successful completion of their homework, they would play basketball or Madden football.   During school vacations they would go out to lunch and the movies.  During the summers they would go to the beach once a week for a day of boogie boarding and lunch.   Aaron and Noah had never participated in organized sports.  Pete got them interested in football and they started by playing Pop Warner.  They loved it and ended up playing all four years in high school.

During their middle and high school years, Pete became their primary adult male influence.  He taught them hard work, responsibility, accountability and respect.  They continued to meet twice a week through their graduation from high school in June.   Now, the boys have moved on to junior college and the bond between them is just as strong as it was 6 years ago.  Although the arrangement with San Diego Youth Services ended when Noah and Aaron recently turned 18, they get together a couple times a month, and they speak over the phone frequently.

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