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Dr.  Favrot – A valuable lesson from Spain

Dr. Favrot cropDr. Laurence Favrot is a retired clinical cardiologist who worked in San Diego from 1977 to 2013.

My recent trip to Spain was a remarkable transcultural experience.   From the more recent ultimate expression of the Christian faith represented by the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, to the beautiful  Moorish icon, the Alhambra, in Granada, one is amazed by the energy and opulence of the Spanish.   However Cordoba, with its Roman origins, reached its cultural and intellectual heights during the medieval period with Muslims, Christians and Jews all respecting each other and working together for the common good.   This is a history lesson that needs to be relearned oh so frequently!

Below I share with you 3 slide shows I created from my personal photos of these locations that captured me as much as I was able to capture them and illustrate this beautiful lesson.

The Sagrada Familia – The ultimate expression of the Christian Faith:

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain illustrates the mass scale of Grandeur that can be achieved over time by people inspired by a common belief.

The Alhambra  – A remarkable Moorish icon:

The Alhambra is a fortress and palace in Granada, Spain that is a testament to the Moorish culture and highlights the collaborative skills of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian artisans, builders, and craftsmen that have contributed to its development and renovation throughout history.

Córdoba – A true symbol of pluralism and religious tolerance:

Córdoba in Andalucia, Spain, illustrates the prosperity the Muslims, Christians and Jews were all able to achieve in medieval times when they embraced their shared Arabic culture and looked beyond the differences in their faith.

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